Wood Fired Ovens

Custom Designed & Built Wood Fired Ovens for Residential & Commercial Applications

Our custom made wood fired ovens are specially built with an insulated high thermal mass allowing for both a retained heat method of cooking and direct fire/hot coals method of cooking. Suitable for high end residential or commercial applications the ovens can be tailor made to suit any application. We can build rectangular ovens with a barrel vault curved arched roof or Circular dome style traditional pizza ovens. We also build kit ovens from the ‘Melbourne Fire Brick Company’

Round Dome Pizza Ovens – These can be built freestanding on or placed on a solid masonry bench surface. Can be painted on the outside to match any ‘Colorbond’ colour. The front of the oven hearth can be in Black granite, Stainless steel or any masonry material. We can custom make flues to go through alfresco roofs or can even be installed inside kitchens.

Spinelli Oven Front View

Barrel Vault ‘Spinelli designed oven’

The exterior of the oven can be lined with any material allowing for an oven that matches the decor and finishes of your home. Examples of the exterior may be ceramic or natural stone tiles, face bricks, render, decorative stack stone or ledge stone.

The bottom half below the oven is a solid metal frame cabinet that doubles as a wood storage area with double doors front and back.This steel frame is powder coated to the colour of your choice allowing a perfect match with the exterior colour scheme of your home. The curved roof of the oven is also powder coated to your selected colour.

The size of the oven, the base wood cabinet and the surrounding stainless steel bench can be custom designed and made to suit your specific requirements.


  • Powder coated steel frame base with wood storage under.
  • 2.0mm thick stainless steel benchtop around oven.
  • Clay / Aluminium fire bricks for hearth(floor), side walls and arched top.
  • 50 – 75mm Concrete shell around fire bricks for extra thermal mass and oven strength.
  • ‘Solid red’ bricks forming front arch for oven door.
  • 75mm mineral wool insulation around concrete shell to retain heat.
  • Overall thickness of oven walls including insulating material approx 260mm
  • Exterior cladding of your choice to match the decor of your home.
  • Powder coated steel roof and Stainless Steel flue.
  • Double steel doors to front & back to allow for wood storage.
  • 2 S/Steel oven doors. One door with vents and glass window for firing stage of oven use. Another door for sealed retained heat cooking.
  • Specially designed oven door used when firing the oven to allow for correct air inflow and combustion while retaining maximum amount of heat in the oven.
  • Thermometer gauges for inside oven temp, brick temp & concrete temp.
  • Inside dimensions of standard residential oven 750mm wide x 920mm deep x 365mm high. Oven capacity = 227 litres.
  • Overall dimensions of stainless steel benchtop: 1800 x 1800mm. Oven can be custom made to your own requirements

Please contact Brad Spinelli on: 0402 245 581 to discuss your premium wood fired oven.

Spinelli Oven Front ViewSpinelli Oven Side View

Heat Performance: Quick Fire – The oven can be lit about 3-4 hrs prior to cooking to have the oven at the perfect temperature of 250-300 deg.C for cooking pizzas in a short time frame.

Extended Oven Cooking: If the oven is lit at around 6-7am in the morning and fired for about 5-6 hours it will be around 300deg.C at lunchtime. At this time the fire has burnt out and any remaining coals pushed to the back of the oven or cleaned out. It will then be a perfect temperature for cooking wood fired pizzas. Then due to the high insulated mass of the oven, with out burning any more wood the oven will still have around 180deg.C of temperature at 6pm that night, perfect for cooking your roast dinner or the like. The following morning the oven will still have approx 120deg.C of heat in it which can be used to slow cook bacon / tomatoes / mushrooms / eggs and your favourite cooked breakfast.

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